DS Datentechnik und Softwareentwicklung Müftahi GmbH

Information technology for foils, packaging und paper


We accompany our customers on their way to the top with

                        • economic control
                          • successful administration
                            • profitable management


Our particular expertise speciality lies in the field of ERP/PPC *

for the plastic foil and packaging industry. Increasing numbers of users have led to our being an exceptionally competent software producer with a big name in this market segment.

  • Experience und competence
    are offered based on our profound understanding of the field of the foil and packaging industry.
  • Constant development and technological continuity
    mean that we can guide our customers to success.
  • Customer individuality
    is for us the tried and tested standard because our software is already designed to meet the exact requirements of our customers.

We are an independent and self-sustaining software company
distinguished by its innovation and for accommodating its customers.

* Enterprise - Resource - Planning / Production planning and control